Communication is key. The message and how it is delivered is very valuable, and I enjoy being the messenger.
I have created promotional material for myself throughout my DJ career. Using photo and video editing software, I used movie clips, music, and images to brand myself and events I was involved with. Being self-taught most of my career, I have sharpened my skills by completing a degree in Digital Design & Graphics, and as my skills develop I am able to display the visions I have in my head in a wide variety of formats for public consumption.
I have experience at every level of Digital Design; from capturing images with photography, sketching ideas in a sketchbook, scanning them into a computer and manipulating them with computer software, and publishing the final product on a flyer, business card, or to a website. I’ve made promo videos, business cards, club flyers, vector portraits, and other outlets of visual communication.
The bottom line is someone out there has something to say, and I love being able to use my creativity to deliver that message.
This page is a display of my creative works. Check out my resume here as well as a home for my fitness blog. Check it out.