#bern200 Week 1 Day 1

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

#bern200 Day 1 – 410lbs – 0 pounds lost this week – 0 pounds lost total – 200 pounds more to goal

Almost two years ago to the day I completed my first half marathon. After spending the previous 3 years losing around 150 pounds, and the 5 months leading up to the race training rigorously for the event, I finished something that I would’ve never thought I could have accomplished. The goal was to take a week off, and get right back on the training to complete a full marathon a year later.

Instead, I completely fell off the wagon. I worked out, but not consistently. More importantly I fell back into bad eating habits and would just eat whatever. In April 2017 I participated in another half marathon, at 50 pounds heavier, that was cut short by rain but I was struggling to get to the end of it anyway.

Fast forward to today. These past two years have been great for me in my personal and professional life. I got my degree, I’ve made great strides with DJing and graphic design, and with the help of others I’ve started a number of successful reoccurring events that will make 2019 the biggest year yet.

However, I’ve completely lost track of my health and its taking a toll on me. Today that’s going to change. I’m going to take the next 7 months to make my health my #1 priority in life. As of today I am 410 pounds (give or take, I don’t really know because my scale only goes up to a certain number and I’m beyond that number) and I’m going to check in every week to encourage myself and whoever might be interested that all it takes is consistency and dedication. I will be sharing some food recipes and workout tips along the way, but most importantly I’m going to stick with it 100% because with all of the great things that are going on in my life, bad health can take it all away. 

Leave a thumbs up in the comments below if you have faith in me!

For those that will ask, I will be following a paleo diet and will be doing 60min of cardio a day. No supplements. No surgery. No magic shakes. I’m not knocking those that go those routes, thats just not my journey.


  1. Chastity says:

    You can do this again. I love you and have the utmost faith in you!!! I’m here for you every step of the way, just a call away.

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