‘New Year, New Me?’ How To Set and Conquer Resolutions / Goals

New year, new me? A lot of people choose the new year to start a new journey on life, or to reach a new personal goal. Most of the time, a person will fall short before the first week of the year expires. This annual plan-and-fail pattern helps reinforce the idea that a New Years Resolution might just be a waste of time. But what if I actually want to make a change, and I think a fresh number at the end of the year might help with that? With all of the things I’ve accomplished during 2016, I have a new set of resolutions / goals for 2017. I took my experience and did some additional research to come up with a list of ways to set and meet / exceed your goals or resolutions for the year, or month, or whenever you want to start to chase them down.

Be Concise, Specific

For years I would just say “I want to eat better” or “be healthier” or “be a better me” but I never got anywhere with those goals / resolutions. Why? Ask yourself this; what does eating better look like? How do you know you’re being a better version of yourself? It’s best to make specific goals, such as eating a leafy green vegetable with every meal, walking for 30min a day at least 5x a week, or spending 30 minutes a day reading. All of these things are specific enough so that you know you’re either doing them or your not, and you can keep yourself more accountable.

Write It Down!

It’s a common idea that you can speak things into existence, but I say in addition to speaking life into your goals, you should also put them to paper. Visualizing a goal on a list of paper makes a greater connection between your thinking self and your doing self, and makes it more of a reality instead of a daydream. Plus it feels so good to be able to cross something off of a physical list!

One Thing At A Time

It may feel impossible to try to tackle multiple life changing things at once, and eventually you’ll be too stressed to follow through on any of them. Instead, focus on one at a time, and go a step further by breaking down your goal in increments. If your focus is to lose X amount of weight overall, set smaller weekly goals to keep yourself motivated. You can only build a house one brick at a time.

Stay Positive!

What you feed into is what will manifest. If you talk to yourself every day about how much you hate doing something, eventually you are going to talk yourself out of doing it and you’ll quit it. If you tell yourself that your progress isn’t going fast enough, you’ll convince yourself that it’s not worth the effort. Self-depreciation doesn’t help anyone, so look for the positives and highlight those early and often!

Get Some Support

The best way to stay consistent is to have an external source keeping you accountable. Knowing that someone else is watching and motivating helped me with my initial weight loss a lot, and I didn’t want to feel like a quitter. A real-life support person is ideal, but also consider joining an online support group. You’d be surprised how many other people are on the same path as you.

Keep Up With The Progress

I weighed myself weekly for a long time, and weight fluctuates a LOT. Some weeks id lose 5 pounds, and some id gain one. In those weeks where there was no loss of weight, looking at how much weight I lost total helped me keep going! Remember, consistency is key, and you want to win the war with small battles. This is also why writing down your progress is key, so you can look back over it and see how far you’ve come. As my friend Habit Blcx would say, “Progress is a Process.”


Once you reach a goal, whether its a mini goal or the big goal, you should take some time to celebrate! You worked hard and you conquered where you would normally fail. However don’t celebrate too much in the ways that go against your goal. If you cut down on drinking alcohol, it’s best not to reward yourself with a glass of whiskey. Instead, treat yourself to those shoes you’ve had your eye on, or buy tickets and take a trip somewhere. You deserve it!

Don’t stop there! Once you’ve got your routine going, you can build on your goals and make it a lifestyle. Even better, use this same planning and executing to set and meet another goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish. This doesn’t have to start on the first day of the year. Having a plan, and going about it intentionally works 365 days a year. Make it happen for you today!

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